Falcon.io Case


Located in the heart of Copenhagen, Falcon.io has become one of the leading players on social media management solutions in the world. Their SaaS platform for social media engagement, publishing, advertising, measuring and, managing customer data is one of the best digital marketing tools ever built.


In early 2020 Falcon.io has completed a series of milestones that allow the company to expand further into new markets -opening new offices as far as Melbourne, Australia.
We received a request from the marketing team to create a promotional video series that would provide a closer look at Falcon.io from the employee’s perspective. These videos would be accessible to potential new recruitments as part of their informational material -as well as would serve as promotional material for Falcon.io as a company.


Our goal was to create awareness of an upcoming promotional video called ‘Socially Speaking’. The video would be a documentation of Falcon.io culture as a company. Through insightful interviews with employees and management, we will tell the story of how a company that puts a lot of focus on creating a culture, where diversity, innovation and, encouragement are the assets for commitment and dedication.

Our approach

  1. Our first step was to understand the visual concept of Falcon.io brand, tone of voice, colors, imagery. Also, to visit the company and observe first hand the synergy among the employees and management.
  2. Develop an ‘open’ script that would serve as a framework for storytelling. Open means that the script would provide great freedom to the interviewed to express themselves from an honest personal perspective. This would prove very interesting in the process because each of them would provide a very personal `what’s in for me’ story to the script.
  3. Organised filming day in close collaboration with the marketing team at Falcon.io.
  4. Edited the resulting material in four teaser videos for Falcon.io ‘Socially Speaking’ upcoming promo Doc
  5. Final filming day is on hold due to the Corona crisis (still under development).


Four teaser videos – three based on employee interviews and one branding teaser, all of them as part of the promo of the main Falcon.io ‘Socially Speaking’.
More to come!

Client Name



2020 February - Present

Services provided

Promotional and Branding Video production