MEI Psychology Consulting Case


The company is located in Copenhagen and has a global reach, providing organisational psychology services and international leadership development, with special focus on two areas: psychotherapy and executive coaching.


The client needed a user-friendly online presence in order to reach global expat executives and management development companies with a focus on intercultural sensitivity.


To design a functional website with relevant text-based and visual web content that would serve as a foundation for an efficient content marketing strategy -increasing web traffic, resulting in a higher conversion rate and greater customer satisfaction.

Our approach

  1. Design and branding of the website from scratch using SEO analysis to ensure that the new website was free of errors and Google-friendly. This allowed the website to rank highly in Google searches.
  2. Creating new, authentic, quality images with the help of our professional photography service. The visual direction of the images used on the website enhanced the perception of the company’s expertise is unique. It also emphasized trustworthiness and a personal approach, attractive to both business and private clients.
  3. Implementing the content marketing for the main customer service Expat Onboarding. We rewrote and redesigned the initial plain text into user-friendly, engaging and informative text, enriched by relevant keywords to boost organic web traffic.
  4. Based on the ideal client profile, we conducted extensive market research to discover the best topics for articles that would improve awareness on Google, such as 7 Ways to Strengthen Intercultural Competence and Cultural Sensibility, part of the content marketing strategy for MEI Psychology Consulting. This article was written around the most searched for keywords by the company’s target audience.
  5. A distribution and promotion strategy (still under development).


A professional and user-friendly website with a high-performing service page, and a plan for developing an articles section with high potential to drive traffic and create relevant leads.

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Client Name

Mei Psychology Consulting by Meifun Kuang Phd.


2018 February - Present

Services provided

Digital Design, Branding, Photography, SEO Analysis, Content Marketing Strategy and Front-end Development.