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Content Marketing strategy, Ideal Client Profile & more

Rethinking marketing strategy

We develop solutions that go beyond hit-and-run marketing propositions. Forget about quantity based marketing methods that encourage you to spread your messages indiscriminately in as many directions as possible. Even if you increase traffic to your website, empty messages will not convert your audience into active customers.

Tailor-made marketing strategy

The only efficient marketing strategy is one tailor-made for your business. One that responds to the needs and wants of your potential clients, as well as to the search process they are in. So we always start by defining the profile of your ideal client based on your marketing mix. Defining the ideal client’s online behaviour patterns and interests we can create bespoke marketing content and an efficient targeted strategy. In the process we combine the most effective digital marketing tools such as SEO, Keyword Analysis, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Link Building and Adwords.

Once we know your product and have an in-depth understanding of your ideal client, we can start producing the right content. Depending on your needs, we can help you create all textual elements (such as website texts, blogs, articles, social media posts), as well as visual material (such as photos, videos and infographics), or a combination of both. Then we develop a distribution and promotion strategy to enhance the content’s effectiveness and efficiency – even the greatest marketing campaign will fail if there is no support.

The Link


Having an effective marketing strategy is important. However, even the best strategy is useless if your website cannot retain the driven traffic. It’s essential to convert visitors into customers through effective design and usability. Our team can help your company solve this challenge. We can redesign your existing website or create a new one from scratch.


Evaluation, Recommendation, Reporting
We examine your company’s ability to be found online via search engines, your website, social media platforms etc. Based on our findings we create a valuable report to identify which actions should be taken in order to optimize your digital presence. Our analyses and recommendations work thus as a blueprint for further marketing actions focusing on your company’s growth potential.

Ideal Client Profile, Empathy Map and Journey
An Ideal Client is a fictional persona. In collaboration with you, we define the profile of your ideal client through our specially designed questionnaire or workshop followed by an in-depth report. Knowing the ideal client’s online behaviour patterns and interests will help us create bespoke marketing content and an efficient targeted strategy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Keyword Analysis, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Link building, Adwords and Reporting
We combine content marketing strategies with a full digital marketing kit. Some of the tools and methods are universal, while others vary from case to case. We can help you tailor the most beneficial strategy to fit your budget, timeframe and level of ambitions.

Website content, articles, blogs, social media text
We help you to articulate the common field of interest between your company and your client through content writing. In close dialogue with you, we will create an editorial strategic plan for the most relevant content to focus on and how to promote it. In this way, we help you to construct a content marketing strategy that acts as a bridge, naturally drawing the client to your company.