Virtual Widow UX Design


Teo International (TEO A/S) is a Danish software development company that provides quality solutions for complex systems and mobile applications for the private and public sectors and is also behind de IT development company Asayaa Technologies.

VIRTUAL WINDOW is a new software created by Asayaa Technologies. The software creates windows of collaboration between remote offices, designed for human collaboration across distance. It runs on generally available consumer hardware to provide an Always-On video connection with built-in tools for nearness, knowledge work, and privacy. Especially valuable under COVID-19 restrictions periods.

The software promotes natural and quick collaboration -it offers direct human communication strengthening both the personal togetherness in organisations and a coherent company culture.


For the release of VW 1.0, the team of engineers, programmers, a psychologist from TEO have been examining the usability of each feature and quickly implementing technical solutions and functionalities. However, the remaining question was -considering the specifications from the development team- how to approach the branding and UX design for such a brand new software?

Our approach

After the early meetings with the development team, we considered approaching this project with a strict focus on the final user. This software is mainly for enterprise or educational purposes with an Always-On feature.

  1. Considering the extended hours of usage of the software, we approach its UX design with a dark interface. Saving both luminosity and brightness of the screen when not in use.
  2. The Logo is a recognisable symbol by its simplicity and its color contrast with its dark environment creating a warm and appealing twist to an otherwise cold and technic software design.
  3. We defined the scalability with UX and brand design manual documents for further releases in the future.


After a successful rollout of VW 1.0, with excellent reviews. The VW has now teamed with SHARP Pad series touch screens for enterprise solutions.
“Sharp is all about innovation, and VIRTUALWINDOW is a unique and innovative solution. A good match”. – Thomas Jensen Sales Manager Visual Solutions Sharp Business Systems Danmark A/S.

Client Name

TEO International, Copenhagen


2019 - present

Services provided

UX Design, Branding