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HildenDiaz is an art studio by the Argentinean artist Pio Diaz. Founded in Copenhagen, the studio is responsible for some of the most visually stricken light sculptures since the early ’00s -like the ‘burning’ of the Roman Coliseum in 2005.

One of the most popular Pio Diaz signature art pieces is the light sculpture Forms In Nature. The sculpture in the form of a chandelier was conceived as interior decoration.

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Back in 2017, the studio opened at the first e-commerce site for the sale of the Forms In nature Chandelier after establishing and consistent production flow for its production on demand.

Today, the e-commerce solution needed to be adjusted, and its marketing strategy re-thought. The studio has two main editions of the chandelier, which makes it difficult to retarget pre-existing clients and leads. How can we create a consistent flow for relevant leads in the long term?


To re-approach the Forms In Nature store and establish a marketing program based on leads sign up – focusing on SEO, blog post, Instagram and email marketing.

Our approach

  1. Migration of the site from the WordPress platform to Shopify e-commerce. This will provide focus on the product and marketing program and release the technical side conundrum to a solid platform with a dedicated technical team.
  2. Site Redesign. Strong focus on new digital design trends and responsiveness. Visually clean and minimal design. 
  3. Content development and SEO. The site content is aimed at a wider audience. However, relevant leads are important. To qualify the leads, we set a strong effort to capture email and establish direct communication.
  4. Email marketing program development. A solid and consistent email marketing is decisive for nurture and expansion of the Forms In Nature lead base and strength of client’s loyalty.
  5. Blog post creation and emails response monitoring. (On going)
  6. Instagram stories program development(On going)


The site is out performing the expectations the 7 weeks to date, sales are blooming. Performing with over 23.5% ROI.

Client Name

HildenDiaz Studio, Copenhagen


November 2020 - February 2021

Services provided

Front End Development, Digital Design, SEO Analysis, Content Marketing, Direct Communication Strategy, Instagram strategy